Welcome to the most comprehensive survey on
​​​​​​ever conducted, put together by two sex educators who get asked questions about squirting all the time
Dr. Zhana Vrangalova and Kenneth Play
We know incredibly little about the phenomenon of squirting, often referred to as female ejaculation, and this survey is an attempt to learn more from as many people in the world as possible. Here are some of the questions we will be able to answer with this survey:
- How many vagina-owners squirt?
- What makes vagina-owners squirt?
- Is squirting always an orgasm?
- Is a squirting orgasm better than a non-squirting one?
- Do men and women like partners who squirt?
- and sooooo many more!!
What counts as squirting? We define squirting as the "physical expulsion of liquid from the urogenital area of people with vulvas / vaginas during sexual activity". It doesn't matter whether it happens voluntarily or by accident, whether it feels like an orgasm or not, or how much liquid comes out. As long as some amount of liquid is coming out of the urogenital area during sexual activity, it counts as ejaculation.
Who can take this survey? ANYONE AND EVERYONE! It doesn't matter what kind of genitals you have, whether you've ever squirted before, or whether you've had a partner squirt. You can take this survey even if you've never had sex with anyone.
What kind of questions can I expect? If you're a vagina-owner, we'll first ask you questions about your own squirting experiences, followed by questions about your experiences with partners squirting, and finally some general questions about your sexuality and demographics. If you're a penis-owner, you'll only get the questions about partners squirting and the general sexuality and demographics questions.
Why are you using vagina-owners and penis-owners instead of simply women and men? Because not all vagina-owners identify as women, and not all women-identified humans have vaginas. Same goes for penises. We know it might sound weird or awkward to some of you. But it's more accurate and more inclusive of trans and gender nonbinary folks. Hopefully you'll get used to it.
How long will the survey take? Depending on your experience with squirting, completing this survey may take anywhere between 20 and 60 minutes to complete. Because it's long, it would be best to answer it on a computer or tablet rather than your phone. We know we're asking a lot, but the world really needs this info, and the more respondents we have, the more accurate our findings will be!

Can I take the survey together with my partner? We would absolutely love to get responses from both of you, but we ask you to please complete the survey using your own separate link. Feel free to sit next to each other while doing it, and we hope it sparks some fun conversations afterwards!
How will my data be collected and used? Your data is collected completely anonymously. We're not collecting any identifying info (likes names or emails) nor IP addresses. Dr. Zhana will analyze the data and share the findings with the public across various media channels. If you sign up for our list at the end of the survey (or at the end of this page, if you decide not to take the survey), we'll also send you the findings directly to your email. 

What if there are questions I don't want to answer? You can skip any question you don't want to answer, or exit the survey at any point. But we hope you'll answer as much as you can, and be completely honest in your responses.

What's in it for me? Helping science answer age-old questions and learning a thing or two about your sexuality in the process not enough? Don't worry, we got you. At the end of the survey you will get a free video of Dr. Zhana summarizing all that science currently knows about the phenomenon of squirting PLUS a 25% off discount code to an explicit online how-to squirting class put together by Kenneth (and a few of his other online courses). Make sure you click that Submit button at the end!

For any questions, concerns, media inquires etc, email Dr. Zhana (info@drzhana.com) and/or Kenneth Play (info@kennethplay.com).
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Your email will in no way be linked to survey responses. The survey is absolutely anonymous, should you choose to take it.

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